Jesus’ Faithfulness > Our Failure

Greater – Week 7

Pat Hood – Senior Pastor

John 18

Week of April 14, 2019 My House Worship Guide

Day 1

Read: John 18:1-14


  • Thank God for His perfect plan to send Jesus to die to pay for our sin.

  • Thank God that He willingly and peacefully submitted to God’s plan for His arrest, torture, and death.

  • Ask God to make you willing to do whatever He wants for you.

Sing: Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions

Day 2

Read: John 18:15-27


  • Thank God that the prophetic words of Jesus were true and showed His authority.

  • Thank God for the sinless, spotless, and blameless life of Jesus.

  • Ask God to give you boldness to confidently proclaim the truth of Jesus to anyone at any time.

Sing: Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions

Day 3

Read: John 18:28-40


  • Thank God that Jesus’ trial, torture, and death were just as the prophets had foretold.

  • Thank God that His Kingdom is not of this world and that His truth is absolute.

  • Ask God to let the trial of Jesus remind you of the perfect plan of God to show us Himself and pay for our sin.

Sing:Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions