Through events, training seminars, counseling and more, our Marriage and Family Ministry helps strengthen marriages and families within our church and community.



We desire for marriages, especially new ones, not just to survive but to thrive. As a part of our Marriage and Family Ministry, we offer premarital services that help soon-to-be-married couples begin their marriage on a strong foundation.

We offer two types of premarital teaching/counseling

  1. Premarital Class

  2. Premarital Counseling/Mentoring

Premarital Class

In addition to completing the premarital counseling/mentoring mentioned below, if a LifePoint Pastor will perform the ceremony and/or LifePoint facilities will be used couples are required to attend and complete LifePoint’s Premarital Class. This class consists of two, two-hour blocks of instruction. This four-hour class is offered several times a year, usually from 2–4pm on a Sunday afternoon and separated by one Sunday.


Next Class

September 8 & 22, 2019
2:00–4:00pm in the Cafe 1

Both dates are required for the class.

If your wedding falls prior to the premarital class completion dates, we can schedule you for premarital couples counseling with our pastoral counselor or premarital counselor/mentors described below.

If a LifePoint Pastor or facilities will not be used this class is still available and highly recommended.


Premarital Counseling/Mentoring

In addition to completing the four-hour Premarital Class mentioned above, if a LifePoint Pastor will perform the ceremony and/or LifePoint facilities will be used couples are required to complete premarital counseling/mentoring with a staff-approved/certified mentor/mentor couple. Couples are required to take an online inventory assessment which provides specific feedback (both strengths and growth areas). The results will be discussed with the mentor/mentor couple over a minimum of four hours scheduled at the mentor’s and the couples’ convenience. The cost of the online inventory is $35/couple.

If a LifePoint Pastor or facilities will not be used this premarital counseling/mentoring is still available and highly recommended.

To register for Premarital Counseling/Mentoring contact Sylvia at

Marriage Enrichment
Ministries, Classes, etc.


Grace Marriage

Grace Marriage is an exciting ministry designed to enrich, protect, and grow your marriage. Using Biblical, grace-based materials you will have time to talk with your spouse and explore ways to enrich your relationship. Grace Marriage is an intentional commitment to grow in your relationship with each other and the Lord.

Four times a year, husbands and wives meet with other couples in various stages of life to explore different aspects of marriage. The sessions are called marriage coaching. Marriage coaching is an intentional and proactive approach to re-focus on positives in your relationship. Marriage coaching is not a lecture. It is not marriage counseling or group therapy. It is not a seminar or conference. It is not a place where you will be forced to share your deepest secrets. Quite simply, it is a Biblically-based marriage maintenance model that can revolutionize your relationship. Couples in their 20s to couples in their 80s are involved in Grace Marriage and have been greatly blessed by participating!

Who can attend?

Any married male and female couple may attend. A couple does not have to be a member of LifePoint Church to participate.

When/where are the 2019 coaching sessions held?

All coaching sessions will be held at the LifePoint Church Smyrna Campus. You will only attend one session per quarter.

First Quarter Coaching

Coaching Session #1A - Saturday, Feb 23, 2019
Coaching Session #1B - Saturday, March 2, 2019 

Second Quarter Coaching

Coaching Session #2A - Saturday, April 27, 2019
Coaching Session #2B - Saturday, May 4, 2019


Third Quarter Coaching

Coaching Session #3A - Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
Coaching Session #3B - Saturday, Sep 7, 2019

Fourth Quarter Coaching

Coaching Session #4A - Saturday, Nov 2, 2019
Coaching Session #4B - Saturday, Nov 9, 2019

Sessions will be held quarterly on Saturdays from 9:00am–3:00pm at the LifePoint Smyrna Campus. Lunch is included. Participation requires making a commitment to attend all four sessions.


Who will we be with during the coaching sessions?

You will be in a group with your spouse as well as other couples who want their marriage to grow. Approximately 10 couples, plus a trained facilitator couple, will walk through the day’s material together. Spouses will have personal time together throughout the day to privately discuss the topics addressed. Groups will have mixed ages. Newly marrieds as well as couples who have been married for decades will be involved. Remember, Grace Marriage is about spending time with your spouse, not about being with close friends. Although you will get to know others in your group better, the purpose is to spend time with your husband/wife and focus on your marriage.

What about childcare?

Childcare will be provided for ages birth through 5th grade.  Depending on registration numbers a maximum number of children (or a cap) may be established based on worker availability.

When is registration?

Registration will take place from January 6-26, 2019.

What does it cost?

What does a normal date night cost if you go out to eat and see a movie, or if you go to a ballgame or concert? $75? $100? More? The cost for the four days of Marriage Coaching including all materials, snacks, and lunch is just $300 per couple for the year. That is just $75 per session or less than $1 a day for a year. We encourage you to consider your participation fee as an investment in your marriage. Also, what a great gift it could be to allow another couple to participate.      

Deadline & how do we pay?

The total cost of $300 is due upon signing up. Please email if you have any payment questions. We are expecting the first year's classes to fill up. So, don't hesitate. Go online to sign up as soon as possible. The next opportunity to participate will not be for another year.

Marriage Counseling


LifePoint offers counseling to members and non-members alike.  In order to meet with a counselor, please complete the Counseling Ministry Intake Form below.  You will receive a phone call from the Counseling Ministry staff within 5 business days to discuss your desire for Counseling Ministry services.

If you have an immediate crisis need please submit the Counseling Ministry Intake Form below and call the church office. We will make every effort to have a counselor contact you and meet with you as quickly as possible. For prolonged or in-depth counseling you may be referred to a Christian Therapist for extended care.



We are so excited to serve you, our regular attenders, during the process of marriage and wedding planning. We offer many resources to help you plan and execute your rehearsal and wedding.

Though the culture has evolving definitions of marriage, we believe that it is God alone who has the ultimate authority to prescribe and describe the marital relationship (Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:1-9; Mark 10:1-12).  Because of this understanding, we will only recognize marriages that meet the Biblical definition: a covenant relationship between one gender-normative man and one gender-normative woman. The pastors, ministers and staff of LifePoint Church will only participate in weddings and officiate marriages that meet this definition, and the facilities and property of LifePoint Church will only host marriage ceremonies that meet this definition.

Wedding Dates

Weddings may not be scheduled on Easter weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day and week prior to and following Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Also, we have limited availability on the weekends as we prepare for Sunday programming. We cannot schedule non-ministry events in a space, like the Hub at the Smyrna Campus, which requires setup different than the layout used during Sunday programming.

Steps for Scheduling Your Wedding

Complete the Event Scheduling Form to indicate the day you want to have your wedding. You cannot schedule a wedding more than one year ahead of time and no less than five months from your desired date. Our wedding coordinator will contact you to confirm availability. Confirmation does not guarantee the date for your wedding. The date will only be held when we receive the Wedding Application and $50 security deposit.

Once we confirm your desired date, complete the Wedding Application. You will receive an email confirming that we received your application and booked your date. Then the wedding coordinator will set up a meeting to discuss the church’s policies and wedding details.

One month prior to your wedding, our coordinator will meet with you to discuss final details including ceremony specifics, decorations and production needs. The remaining rental balance is due at this meeting. 

Deposits and Fees

The fee is $1,500 for the Auditorium or $1,000 for the Concourse and other areas, including a non-refundable $50 security deposit. This fee includes facility fees, coordinator, officiant and standard audio/visual (A/V) support. Additional fees may be required if A/V requirements are extraordinary.

Request a Pastor

If you want a pastor from LifePoint Church to officiate your wedding, complete and submit the Wedding Application.

You cannot schedule a pastor from LifePoint Church to perform your ceremony more than one year ahead of time and must request one no later than five months from your wedding date.

All couples being married by a pastor from LifePoint Church must complete an approved premarital class AND premarital counseling/mentoring process before marriage.

For the premarital class, Register for a Premarital Class.

To register for Premarital Counseling/Mentoring contact Sylvia at

Marriage Ministry Staff