Global Sending

If you are feeling called to go to the ends of the earth, here’s your opportunity!



The Land of Smiles


In Thailand, Buddhism is the way of life and the main religion everyone is expected to follow. This results in a reality where the vast majority of Thai people have never heard the name of Jesus.

  • The Spring trip will serve at a partner orphanage where they will encourage the orphanage staff, minister to orphans, help run a VBS/English camp with LifePoint Bangkok Church members.

  • The October trip will partner with LifePoint Bangkok in running their annual fall retreat.

  • The college ministry trip will encourage the LifePoint Illuminate college ministry and serve alongside LP BKK church members in various way.

Dates & Fees

College Trip: March 1-9, 2019
Retreat Team: October 8-16, 2019
Estimated Cost: $1,655

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 87℉

  • Language = Thai

  • National Food = Sticky Rice

  • Currency = Baht

Bangkok Sent Ones



The Melting Pot of Culture


Brussels, Belgium is the home of the European Union (EU), and is full of people from many different nations and cultures. Despite the energy and life found in the fast-paced city life, many hearts in Brussels are cold and do not know the hope of the Gospel.

  • The October trip will have the opportunity to work alongside and extend the ministry and influence of the LifePoint Brussels Campus through various partner ministries.

Dates & Fees

Adult Team: October 4–12, 2019 - Trip Full
Estimated Cost: $1,805

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 64℉

  • Language = French & Dutch

  • National Food = Chocolate

  • Currency = Euro

Brussels Sent Ones



The Land of the Beautiful


Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is home to over 207 million people. Despite being a progressive country with a growing economy, there are still areas of Brazil that are home to extremely impoverished people.

  • The June team will work alongside our A.M.O. (translated Feed My Sheep) partners by doing construction projects for homes that will house at risk children and families.

  • The October team will have the opportunity to serve alongside our A.M.O. partners as they teach children, teens and adults, cultivate meaningful relationships and share the gospel and their testimonies in the slums (favelas) of Sao Paulo.

Dates & Fees

Adult Construction Team: June 7–15, 2019 - Trip Full
Family/Adult Team: October 4–12, 2019
Estimated Cost: $1,695

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 86℉

  • Language = Portuguese

  • National Food = Brazilian Rice and Beans

  • Currency = Brazilian Real


Brazil Sent One


Central Asia

The Melting Pot of Asia


Going to Central Asia is like stepping back in time in many ways. Even though modernization is happening, much of the infrastructure and culture is like it was decades ago. This means the majority of people living there have not heard the Good News and what they have heard is usually a distorted perspective.

  • The CA teams lead conversation English groups, provide care for sent ones, and work with kids. Teachers who go on the trip will have the opportunity to help train local English Teachers.

Dates & Fees

Adult Team: May 2019
Adult Team:
October 4–12, 2019
Estimated Cost:

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 60℉

  • National Food = Lamb




Join a LifePoint Sending Experience that serves alongside myLIFEspeaks in Neply, Haiti. Teams will have the opportunity to live life immersed in a Haitian village of 2700 people for seven days.

  • The Haiti teams serve in the village of Neply where they are able to look past the brokenness and poverty of Haiti to a beautiful and vibrant way of life. Teams live and work alongside the children and adults in the commUNITY through special projects, camps, and day-to-day activities.

Dates & Fees

Family/Adult Team: January 12-19, 2019
Family/Adult Team: October 5–12, 2019 - Trip Full
Estimated Cost: $1,545

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 70–80℉

  • Language = Haitian Creole

  • National Food = Rice and Beans

  • Currency = Haitian Gourde


Haiti Sent One



The City of Street Lights


Mexico's 4th largest city, Puebla de los Angeles, is among the oldest cities in the country. Puebla's warm hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, colorful surroundings and distinct colonial history will help you understand why so many people have a special place in their heart for Puebla.

  • The Puebla team consists of dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, and other non-medical people who help facilitate dental check-ups, minor physical health care, and provide eyeglasses for those in need. God provides with a wonderful opportunity to meet important physical needs while meeting people where they are spiritually and sharing the Gospel.

Dates & Fees

Family/Adult Team: June 29–July 6, 2019
Estimated Cost:

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 72℉

  • Language = Spanish

  • National Food = Mole Poblano

  • Currency = Pesos



The Silicon Valley of India


Poverty in India is a historical reality. With close to 533 million (40%) of the population expected to live in urban areas by 2025, couple that with the fact that there are around 330 million Hindu gods worshipped by Indian people and it's clear that they in dire need of the Gospel.

  • The June team will join our partners in ministering to the people of India. They will encourage nursing students by providing prayer, teaching, leading breakout groups, and other opportunities to minister to students.

  • The October team will lead a one day conference for pastors and their new members who are being baptized where they will teach the Christian beliefs to the new believers. They will also host a two day training for church planters (40 to 50 village pastors).

Dates & Fees

College Team: June 28–July 6, 2019
Adult Team:
September 27 - October 5, 2019
Estimated Cost: 

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 90℉

  • Language = Kannada

  • National Food = Curry

  • Currency = Rupees


South Dakota

The Home of Mt Rushmore


In Wounded Knee, South Dakota, there is a confederation of seven different Native American tribes, collectively known as the Lakota people. Despite their uniquely rich culture, the Lakota people are some of the poorest in the country. The demand for relief of physical needs is met only by their need for hope and restoration through the Gospel, with less than 2% of their population claiming to be Evangelical Christians.

  • The teams will have numerous opportunities to share the Gospel, teach the Lakota men, women and children, and assist with various small construction projects.

Dates & Fees

Family/Adult Trip: June 14-23, 2019 - Trip Full
Family/Adult Trip:
July 19-28, 2019 - Trip Full
Estimated Cost:

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 45℉

  • Language = English

  • National Food = Fried Bread

  • Currency = Dollar


Clarkston, GA


Clarkston, Georgia, is one of the most diverse square miles in all of America. It is home to countless refugees from over 90 nations around the world. As they try adjusting to a completely different culture, refugees face multiple obstacles when they resettle in a new country. The Clarkston International Bible Church (CIBC) helps refugees learn how to adapt to their new home while sharing the love of Christ. Though many refugees come from nations that are closed to the Gospel, God brings the nations to us to share the Good News.

  • The October team will help extend ministry and influence with CIBC through English classes and small construction projects, all the while deepening relationships with the people of Clarkston.

Dates & Fees

Family/Adult Trip: October 5–9, 2019
Estimated Cost:

Fact Sheet

  • Avg Temp = 75℉

  • Language = English

  • National Food = Bread

  • Currency = Dollar