Set Free From Death

Stuck Week 5

Ryan Garrett – Lead Student Minister

Scripture: John 11

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. What is it about death that makes it so scary for us? Take a moment to talk about a time when you have experienced death in your life.

  2. Read John 11:1-7. How does Jesus plan to receive glory through Lazarus' death? How can this encourage us when we face death in our own lives?

  3. Read John 11:21-23. Why do you think people are so quick to blame God for tragedies? Do you ever find yourself doing this? How does Jesus respond?

  4. Read John 11:25-26. What do Christ's words here tell us about Him and His mission? What do His words show us about how we should view death?

  5. How would your life be different if you lived free from fearing death?