Set Free From Wandering

Stuck Week 4

David McCaman – Riverdale Campus Pastor

Scripture: John 10

Family Worship Guide for the Week of September 23, 2018

Day 1 

Read: John 10:1-18


  • Thank God that there is only one way to Him, through Jesus Christ.

  • Thank God that He sent Jesus that we may have life.

  • Ask God to help you know the voice of the Father and follow Him only.

Sing: This Is Amazing Grace - My House Worship Sessions

Day 2 

Read: John 10:22-30


  • Thank God that no man could ever fool Jesus or trick Him into sin.

  • Thank God that He assures those that follow Him that He will protect them.

  • Ask God to remind you of the confidence He gives to His children that nothing can take away salvation

Sing: This Is Amazing Grace - My House Worship Sessions

Day 3 

Read: John 10:31-42


  • Thank God that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, who was and is fully God.

  • Thank God that Jesus and the Father are one.

  • Pray that God would save many around you as you proclaim who Jesus is.

Sing: This Is Amazing Grace - My House Worship Sessions

Sermon Discussion Questions
Get to know me:
Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to generate responses that are self-revealing and informative. Feel free to ask all of these questions to your group or simply choose the one that best fits your group.

  1. Tell us about a time you were lost and found yourself wandering around trying to figure out where you were or which way to go.

  2. What went through your mind during that time of uncertainty?

  3. Were others affected by your situation and if so how?

  4. What were the circumstances surrounding how you got back on track?

Into the Bible:
Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to draw group members into the Bible to discover truth from passages that were not the primary text for the weekend message.

God raised up Moses to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians so He could give them the Promised Land. Read Numbers 13:1-2, 17-20, 25-33; 14:11-13, 19-35.

  1. When the 12 returned from checking out the land what did the Lord have to say about the opinion of the majority and the people?

  2. Even though the Lord pardoned the people what were the final consequences from 14:22-23 & 33-34?

  3. What caused the Israelites to have to wander, or be stuck, in the desert for forty years?

  4. As we heard this week many people just wander through life. Discuss with your group what can cause us to “wander” in life?

  5. What two things can you do this week to get unstuck from your wilderness and improve your walk with the Lord?

Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to apply the main points from the weekend message.

  1. This week’s message pointed out several things: We, as sheep, need to know the Shepherd; we need to follow the Shepherd; we are protected by the Shepherd; and we need a flock. Which one of these points hit closest to home for you? Explain to your group why this one stood out to you. What can you do this week to make this point a greater part of your life?

  2. Why do we need a flock, i.e. a local church? How are you serving and being served by LifePoint? If you’re not an active part of LifePoint discuss with your group what you might learn from checking out the membership class. Would you like to serve but just don’t know where? Check out the next Designed to Serve class.

  3. We also heard that it’s only through Jesus that we can find our way to freedom – from being stuck. Discuss with your group how a person gets to know Jesus the good Shepherd. Discuss how knowing the Shepherd can move us away from the wilderness we might be living in?