Jesus is Life - Easter 2019

Easter 2019

RC Ford – Stewarts Creek Campus Pastor

John 20

Week of April 21, 2019 My House Worship Guide

Day 1

Read: John 20:1-10


  • Thank God that Jesus did not stay dead, that he rose from the grave!

  • Thank God that Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures perfectly.

  • Ask God to help you believe as the disciple John did, even without seeing.

Sing: Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions

Day 2

Read: John 20:11-23


  • Thank God that He wipes away the tears from our eyes by turning Christ’s death into a great story of victory.

  • Thank God for the peace that His presence brings us.

  • Ask God to help grow your faith and trust in him as you Live Sent by him to the world.

Sing: Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions

Day 3

Read: John 20:24-31


  • Thank God that he destroys our doubts with truth and presence.

  • Thank God for the physical and literal resurrection of Jesus that provides the ultimate hope with need.

  • Ask God that as you read His Words that He would grow your belief and faith.

Sing:Shout Hosanna - My House Worship Sessions