Engage Introduction - 2019/2020

This year we want to create new experiences for students in Engage. We have the goal to see growth in students and we aim to help them grow biblically and spiritually. They have the opportunity to not only learn more about Jesus but how to talk about Him and His word, ask questions about Him and His word and learn to share Him with others. Growing in the knowledge of God’s word happens over time. This is why it is so great to be a part of helping them discover all they can in scripture. They get to take what they learn and build on it, seeing what Christ has done and will do!

These middle school years are special because students start their growth into young men and young women. Responsibilities start to play a part in their life. They learn more about consequences coming from actions. As a partner in their spiritual growth, sharing in the wins of students and helping in the challenges, we will be honest and transparent in how they are doing. By keeping communication open and having solid expectations, we believe the challenges will be small compared to the wins students will gain.

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