Come and Drink

David McCaman – Riverdale Campus Pastor

Scripture: John 7:37-52

Family Worship Guide

Day 1

Read: John 7:37-39


  • Thank God that Jesus can fully satisfy us.
  • Thank God that He has sent His Spirit to live inside of all who believe.
  • Ask God to help you remember that Jesus is enough.

Sing: Living Hope - My House Worship Sessions


Day 2

Read: John 7:40-52


  • Thank God that He opens the eyes of His children to see the greatness of Christ.
  • Thank God for His perfect plan for Christ being perfectly fulfilled. 
  • Ask God to bring clarity to the minds of those you are sharing the Gospel with to know and believe in Jesus.

Sing: Living Hope - My House Worship Sessions


Day 3

Read: John 1:29-34


  • Thank God that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away sin!
  • Pray for God to remind you of your own salvation and baptism as an encouragement. And if you have not been baptized, that God would save and show you the beauty and purpose of baptism.
  • Ask God to remind you that Jesus has taken the punishment for sin and celebrate that truth!

Sing: Living Hope - My House Worship Sessions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Get to know me:

Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to generate responses that are self-revealing and informative. Feel free to ask all of these questions to your group or simply choose the one that best fits your group.


  1. As in John 7:37, what “day” in your past would you call “…the great day…” for you?  Why would you make that choice?  Who else was involved with that day?  Explain whether it was a great day for them as well.  What do you enjoy about  “great days?”
  2. For some, in the sermon text, the light came on that Jesus was indeed “…the Prophet.” Under what circumstances have you suddenly said about something, “this is real!”  How did it make you feel?  Was this the case when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior?  Maybe your experience was a gradual one.  Have you known someone else that suddenly realized, and believed, that Jesus is who He said He was?  If so, tell us about it.
  3. Tell us about someone you know, name is optional, who is surprisingly wise but isn’t overly educated.  Why do you think they have this wisdom?  Where does wisdom come from?  What book in the Bible talks a lot about wisdom?

Into the Bible:

Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to draw group members into the Bible to discover truth from passages that were not the primary text for the weekend message.

  1. Read Exodus 17:1-7.  Why were the Israelites thirsty?  This thirst made the Israelites a little grumpy to the point they began to argue.  What “concern” did the Israelites use to justify their attitude?  What rock did God tell Moses to strike?   Who brought the water, Moses or God?    Tell about a time you got really thirsty, maybe even to the point that you got a little grumpy.  What finally quenched your thirst?  How did that feel?  Do you thirst for God?  If not, why do you think that is so?  If you do, how do you quench that thirst?
  2. Read Matthew 5:13-16.  Who is the “You” in verse 13?  What are Christians supposed to be?  If you eat salt what will happen?   So what are our lives supposed to do for those around us?  How does the salt in verse 13 relate to “light” in verses 14-16?
  3. Read Proverbs 2:1-15.  Discuss a few of the advantages of gaining wisdom.  What does verse 2 say we need to do to gain wisdom?  Where does wisdom come from?  If wisdom comes from God how can we gain more wisdom?


Instructions: The purpose of these questions is to apply the main points from the weekend message.

  1. Pat said that “Jesus uses physical thirst to invite people to quench their spiritual thirst.”  What do you thirst for?  Are you primarily thirsty for Spiritual things or is your thirst out of balance with substitutes such as hobbies, recreation, money, etc.?  Those things aren’t bad unless they outweigh your thirst for God.  If our thirst is out of balance what are some ways we can increase our Spiritual thirst?  How can your group help each other to increase Spiritual thirst?  If you know of someone who isn’t thirsty at all for Spiritual things what can you, or your group, do to try to increase their Spiritual thirst?
  2. Pat said that “People come to Christ because they’re thirsty . . . [but] if people aren’t thirsty, they ain’t coming.”  Who do you know that needs to be thirsty for God?  Are we salty enough to make others interested in God?  What would you say about yourself that makes others thirsty for Christ?  What would others say about you that makes others thirsty for Christ?  How can we be “salt” to the world?  What can your group do to spread a little salt around and make others thirsty for God?