Sending Students

March 23–31, 2018 | $1,655–1,855*

In Thailand, Buddhism is the way of life and the main religion everyone is expected to follow. This results in a reality where the vast majority of Thai people have never heard the name of Jesus. Community 1-10 is a low-income housing community near LifePoint Bangkok where our church members have built strong relationships. Students who serve in Thailand, will have the opportunities to host a VBS at Community 1-10, and also engage with Thai people of all ages through conversational English classes.

March 23–31, 2018 | $1,550–1,750*

Brussels, Belgium is the home of the European Union (EU), and is full of people from many different nations and cultures. Despite the energy and life found in the fast-paced city life, many hearts in Brussels are cold and do not know the hope of the Gospel. The students, who serve in Brussels, will have the opportunity to work alongside and extend the ministry and influence of the LifePoint Brussels Campus through a church worship night and student ministry event, as well as engaging and helping the local refugees.

March 26–30, 2018 | $225*

Clarkston, Georgia, is one of the most diverse square miles in all of America. It is home to countless refugees from over 90 nations around the world. As they try adjusting to a completely different culture, refugees face  multiple obstacles when they resettle in a new country. The Clarkston International Bible Church (CIBC) helps refugees learn how to adapt to their new home while sharing the love of Christ. Though many refugees come from nations that are closed to the Gospel, God brings the nations to us to share the Good news. Students who serve in Clarkston, will help extend ministry and influence with CIBC through English classes and small construction projects, all the while deepening relationships with the people of Clarkston.

March 23–31, 2018 | $1,745–1,945*

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is home to over 207 million people. Despite being a progressive country with a growing economy, there are still areas of Brazil that are home to extremely impoverished people. The students, who serve in Brazil, will work alongside our A.M.O. (translated Feed My Sheep) partners in shantytown communities by sharing the Gospel, teaching children, discipling new believers and assisting with various construction projects.

July 13-22, 2018 | $450

In Wounded Knee, South Dakota, there is a confederation of seven different Native American tribes, collectively known as the Lakota people. Despite their uniquely rich culture, the Lakota people are some of the poorest in the country. The demand for relief of physical needs is met only by their need for hope and restoration through the Gospel, with less than 2% of their population claiming to be Evangelical Christians. The students who serve in South Dakota have numerous opportunities to share the Gospel, teach the Lakota children at VBS, and assist with small construction projects.



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