Safe Harbor Support Groups

Safe Harbor is a Christ-centered support group ministry that occurs twice a year over a 12-week period. Groups meet to support each other in sharing common life experiences. Classes are led by trained facilitators who are non-professionals reaching out to find hope, help, and healing for those in need. The only cost is the book cost. 

  • Do you desire to stop negative cycles that are evident in relationship with others?
  • Do you hold on to the past and let those experiences define you?
  • Is there a lack of boundaries in your life, and do you have a hard time saying "no?"
  • Is there something in your life you want to change because it hurts yourself or others?

If these questions or others like it are something you have asked yourself; join us at Safe Harbor and see if a group is right for you.

Safe Harbor Classes will resume in the Fall of 2017


If you need childcare, please register above. The church pays for our childcare workers, so if at some point you no longer need childcare, please let us know so we can adjust our childcare staff ratios and be good stewards of our church funds.



FAQs about Support Groups

1. What is Safe Harbor?

Safe Harbor is a Christ-Centered support group ministry that occurs twice a year in September and January. Classes range from 7 weeks to 14 weeks. Groups are led by lay trained facilitators who desire to help those in need find hope, help, and healing.

2. Is Safe Harbor for me?

Safe Harbor offers one the opportunity to be in a safe environment where he or she will learn how to trust others, affirm others, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing and renewal to his or her life.

3. Is Safe Harbor Confidential?

Yes. Our facilitators strive to create a safe environment of trust and respect. We ask that things shared in group remain in the group. There is freedom from judgment and being "fixed." What you share and how much you share is up to you.

4. What do groups look like?

You will meet in the assigned classroom for your group where the facilitator will initiate the lesson for the week and then the group will have open discussion based on the topic/lesson from the week's workbook assignments or that evenings topic (workbooks vary by class). Some classes have mandatory workbooks, while others are optional as an additional aid outside the group meeting time.

5. Will I get anything out of Safe Harbor?

We are confident you will benefit from attending; however how much and to what extent is up to you. Keep in mind that you get what you give. The work is up to you and how much you choose to grow and are willing to invest.


Still have a question? Email Summer about Support Groups.

September 2017 Classes

Lost and Found

This is a 12-week class for those who are still suffering through drug and alcohol addiction and the broken lifestyles that stem from it. This class is offered Mondays at 6:30pm, and is an open class meaning you can join at anytime.

Recovering from the Losses of Life

We all experience losses in life; however the type of loss, cause of loss, and situation surrounding the loss can have drastic impact on healing. This class will help one take positive steps towards recovering from those losses in life that one is still dealing with. 

Making Peace with Your Past

This is a 12 week class that helps one identify feelings and problems related to childhood experiences. There is a workbook available for this class. 

Conquering Co-Dependency

This is a 13 week class that follows a 12 step program to help individuals recognize destructive relationship patterns that stem from the compulsion to fix, rescue, control, or enable. 

Divorce Care

This is a co-ed class for anyone who is coming to terms with separation or divorce. This is a nationally recognized program that offers groups in various locations as well as extra workshops and seminars beyond group. Learn more at A workbook is required for this class.

Search for Significance

This is a 7 week class that focuses on building your self-worth through the unconditional love of Christ by learning your true identity and value as defined by Him.

Shelter from the Storm

This is a 12 week class for women who have gone through sexual abuse and desire to reclaim trust, intimacy, and identity. There is a workbook that is required with this class.

Created to Connect

This is a 12 week open class (meaning anyone can join at anytime) that takes a look at difficult relationships in our lives (children, spouse, friend, family member) and how to better connect with them and build trust. Learning the balance of “connecting” and “correcting” in a relationship is the foundation of this class. 


This class focuses on creating healthy boundaries which enhances a person’s ability to have a sense of self and control the impact of reality on the self and others.

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Have a question? Email Summer about Support Groups.