A Season of Anticipation

If you are tired of Christmas before Christmas actually gets here, then quite possibly you have never celebrated Advent. What is Advent? Advent is not decorating, shopping, wrapping, pictures, partying, stressing or the receiving of gifts. Advent is waiting, expecting, observing, praying, hoping, preparing for the arrival of Christ - first as the Child and Savior and then as the returning King. 

More than any other activity, Advent can restore Jesus to the center of the Christmas celebration because on each day of Advent, the birth of Jesus is read, sung and talked about. The entire family can participate. Props are simple and inexpensive, and the memories and training will last a lifetime. Although the common tenets of observing Advent are shared by many churches, each family can add its own flavor. Following is a basic explanation on how to celebrate Advent this year. 

What you need
  • Advent wreath, can be purchased at most Christian bookstores, a wreath made of fire-safe materials, or a log with holes for candles. Your family could choose to make your Advent wreath together. Google Advent wreath and get creative if you want.
  • Five candles: three purple, one rose colored, and a white candle for Christmas Eve. A box of four Advent candles can be purchased at many card stores or Christian bookstores.
  • Weekly family focus times provided below.  

Watch Suggested Songs