Support Groups

Support Groups is a Christ-centered support group ministry that occurs twice a year over a 12-week period. Groups meet to support each other in sharing common life experiences. 

  • Do you desire to stop negative cycles that are evident in relationship with others?
  • Do you hold on to the past and let those experiences define you?
  • Is there a lack of boundaries in your life, and do you have a hard time saying "no?"
  • Is there something in your life you want to change because it hurts yourself or others?

If these questions or others like it are something you have asked yourself; join us at LifePoint Support Group Ministry.

Sept 11-Dec 11 • Mondays at 6:30-8:30pm
Childcare provided upon registration • Cost: $20


If you need childcare, please register above. The church pays for our childcare workers, so if at some point you no longer need childcare, please let us know so we can adjust our childcare staff ratios and be good stewards of our church funds.



FAQs about Support Groups

1. What is LifePoint Support Groups Ministry?

A support group is a meeting of members who provide help and support to one another. Our Support Group Ministry occurs twice a year in September and January and meets on Mondays for 8–13 weeks, pending the group. Groups are led by trained facilitators who desire to help those in need find hope, help, and healing. We offer 2 types of groups: open and closed. 

2. What is the difference between an open and closed group?

All groups have an end date; however, an open group means that someone can join the group at any time. A closed group means that once the group meetings begin, new members cannot be added. This ensures the security and openness of group members as sensitive topics are discussed. We close these groups after the 3rd meeting.

3. Who facilitates a support group?

We have 2 types of facilitators: peer and professional. Our Peer-facilitated groups are led by non-professionals who have been trained to facilitate a group. Many of these peer-facilitators have gone through and overcome similar situations that members are currently facing. Our Professionally-facilitated groups are led by those who hold a degree or practice in the field of psychology, social work, counseling/therapy, or have certification in the specific nature of the group.

4. What do groups look like?

Each support group is assigned a room where they will meet each week. The facilitators will lead the groups discussion as it pertains to the objective for each week. Some groups will use curriculum and/or workbooks. Other groups focus on a topic of discussion presented by the facilitator as it relates to that group and its members. Each group is unique and provides relevant support and tools needed in the healing/recovery process.

5. Are support groups confidential?

Yes. Our facilitators strive to create a safe environment of trust and respect. Anyone who participates as members of a group signs an agreement to confidentiality. Our facilitators uphold the AACC code of ethics as lay professionals facilitating support groups. This means that we recognize every member has a right to privacy and a wide range of thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and behaviors that are protected from public knowledge. This also means that we adhere to any ethics or laws that protect an individual from harm and in which confidentiality must be disclosed in order to maintain that protection.

6. Is a support group for me?

Do you have something in your life you desire to change because of its hinderance to your health, happiness, or quality of life? Have you or are you currently undergoing a hardship in which you need support and encouragement? Are you struggling with unwanted feelings or in relational dynamics in which you feel stuck? If any of these questions or other like it are true of you, we encourage you to join a support group. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome by attending a support group, the benefits of participating in support groups may include: feeling less lonely, isolated or judged; gaining a sense of empowerment and control; and improving your coping skills and sense of adjustment. 
We are confident you will benefit from a support group; however, how much and to what extent is mostly up to you.


Still have a question? Email Summer about Support Groups.

September 2017 Classes

Finding Your Worth and Significance 

Over the course of 8 weeks, we will identify and discuss four false beliefs that negatively impact our lives, gain new skills to overcome obstacles created by these beliefs, and learn how to replace and accept these new experiences of truth regarding our self-worth. 
In this group, you will find that your true value is based not on your behavior or the approval of others but on what God’s Words say is true of you.
Duration: 8 weeks
Group Type: Closed, Trained Peer-facilitated


Conquering Codependency class is a fellowship of people who share experiences, strengths, and hope with each other. Skills are acquired to solve common problems and issues that prevent healthy relationships. The class uses a Christ-centered adaptation of AA 12 Steps to steadily address and work toward recovery from codependent behavior. We begin the process by identifying the areas in which codependency causes life to be out of control and end the 13 week study by learning to identify the boundary between healthy and codependent caring. We also identify the two greatest obstacles to overcome in sharing our recovery.
Duration: 13 weeks
Group Type: Closed, Trained Peer-facilitated with Lifeway curriculum

Divorce Care

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You do not have to go through separation or divorce alone. While things may look bleak now, you’ll learn ways to restore your hope and rebuild your life. 
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Type: Open, Trained Peer-facilitated with Divorce Care curriculum

Making Peace with Your Past

Most of us have things we try to keep hidden from ourselves and others. Things that have caused much pain and suffering. Things we would rather keep buried than bring to the surface. While your past does not define you, it does shape different aspects of you and the things you do. Together we will discuss what dysfunctional dynamics and unhealthy traits look like. We will share tools needed in order to heal and continue healing so you can have a healthy lifestyle and develop healthy relationships. This is an ongoing process and takes forgiveness. Healing from your past does not mean it never happened, it just means it no longer has control over you. 
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Type: Closed, Trained Peer-facilitated 

Sexual Abuse/Trauma

This support group builds a sense community among women of sexual violence, providing a safe place where they can overcome the challenges from their trauma. Through this support group, isolation and shame can decrease and healing begin or continue as women share about the challenges they face as survivors. While the healing process is a personal journey with no specific time frame, this group can be a place of support, hope and encouragement. This is a private, safe, and closed group.
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Type: Closed, Professionally-facilitated

Addiction Recovery

Are you still struggling with addiction or post addiction issues? Or maybe you just can’t seem to produce positive change in your life and grow beyond the identity of an addict? Whether you’ve received salvation through Christ, are exploring His glorious message of freedom from your brokenness, or you don’t know the true revelation of Jesus at all but can relate to the questions above; God desires to give you freedom from all of it. In this group, we will use curriculum from “Lost & Found,” which is a biblically founded program that will show you how to obtain a joyful life by growing your faith in Him and believing in the identity He has already given you. You don’t have to be an “addict” forever. There is HOPE.
Durations: 12 weeks
Group Type: Open, Professionally-facilitated with Lost & Found curriculum

Building Healthy Relationships

The longing of the human heart is to connect. We are created for relationships; however, it is not easy to be in those relationships. In this group we will discuss the various relationships we have, how things can interfere with connecting in those relationships, and how we can heal from relational wounds while learning to have balance in our current relationships. 
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Type: Open, Professionally-facilitated

Grief/Loss support group

Loss comes into our lives in many ways--death, job status, and relationship changes, to name but a few. Grief is a profound part of loss. The Grief Support Group is an open, 12-week group designed to help you explore your feelings and needs while pointing back to our great Comforter during your time of recovering and healing.
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Type: Open, Professionally-facilitated

Care Giver Support Group 

Coming in 2018

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Have a question? Email Summer about Support Groups.