LifePoint Groups

Community is paramount. We desire to see everyone connected through a small group.

At LifePoint, small groups are the best place to grow your faith. Small groups allow you to study God’s word with others and apply it to life. Living in biblical community allows for spiritual growth and accountability.


Looking to connect to a small group? 

Sunday On-Campus Groups
  • Couples 35+* 9am 
  • Singles* 9am 
  • Men’s Group* 9am 
  • Women's Group* 60+ 9am 
  • Women's Group* 9am 
  • Young Couples* 10:30am
  • North Rutherford County/Wilson County Couples* 10:30am

(*These groups include childcare through on-going Kids and Preschool Ministries.)

  • Couples/Singles Group 8:00am** 
  • Senior Couples/Singles 8:00am** 

(**no childcare available) 

Wednesday Groups

New groups beginning August 23, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Smyrna Campus Auditorium.

  • Empty nesters
  • Young couples without children
  • Men’s group
  • Singles
  • Co-ed 20-30s

These groups will meet on-campus for six weeks each Wednesday night. It will include a 15 minute Bible study teaching time from one of our pastors followed by 45 minutes of discussion time in your small group. You will have the option to choose to visit up to 3 groups during this study.

Off-Campus Groups
Disciple Group

A disciple group is a lifestyle of disciple-making. It is made up of three–five other adults of the same gender for a focused study of Ten Christian Doctrines. Our desire is for you to invest your time in this group for 6 months to a year, then each person multiply into new gender-based, disciple-making group. According to Jesus, living the life of a disciple is every believer’s supreme purpose in life. (Matthew 4:19; 28:19-20).

A Disciple Group is not a program; it is a lifestyle!

Drop by the Small Group booth in the Cafe area for more info and Group meeting locations.

Small groups, what are they?

Small groups are made up of about 10 people (couples or individuals) and are a biblical community that allows people to study God’s word and apply it to their lives.

If you have more questions, read the Top 10 Questions about Small Groups.

Connect to Others through Small Groups

We know it can be difficult to move from a large gathering like Sunday worship and take the step of making a commitment to a small group of people. And we want to help you take that step at a pace and in environment that will be safe, encouraging, and successful. Here are some suggested steps to help you connect to a Small Group:

  1. Drop by the LifePoint Adults area following any Worship service on Sunday where Small Group Staff will be available to answer your questions and suggest small group opportunities.
  2. Join a Group — Submit a form to begin the process of connecting to a group.

  3. Connections — a great place to experience small groups on-campus with the goal of meeting new friends, studying the Word, and joining an off-campus group. Meets Sunday mornings at 9:00am & 10:30am in Cafe 1 at the Smyrna Campus.

  4. Email Eddie Mosley, Small Groups Pastor

10 Questions about Small Groups

Back to the definition of Small Groups

Small Groups is where attendees of LifePoint can build Community and Care for each other as they discuss Foundational Biblical Truths.

Here are the top ten questions people ask about Small Groups (SG). (Answers have been provided by our GroupLife staff and leadership. Questions are listed as in Destination:Community by Rick Howerton.)

1. How much of my time is this going to take?

The get-togethers/meetings are usually a couple of hours long, meeting at least two times a month. One hour can be for snacking, eating, and hanging out. One hour is recommended for Bible Study. However, many SG members do life together eating out, playing golf, boating, and even taking vacations together. The Community that is built in a SG can be life-changing. Most groups also have a monthly party and/or monthly or quarterly project in which they serve.

2. What are we going to do with our children during Small Group?

The first hour of the meeting they can hang out with the entire group. During Bible Study, groups have found various answers:

  • Hire a babysitter for the group from LifePoint High School ministry and either pay their way to summer camp or collect $5 per family per week.
  • Find another home near the host home with a parent keeping them.
  • Adults rotate keeping the kids in a separate room.

3. Will there be homework? If so, how much?

Most Small Groups do not have homework from a book. There may be daily devotionals that are suggested or weekly considerations to which you need to compare your life. A few groups will read a book together then meet to discuss it.


4. Am I going to have to talk or can I just sit and listen during meetings?

Small Group is like family — sometimes you talk, sometimes you listen. No one is forced to talk or to lead the group. We all move at a different pace, and you are allowed to do just that.

5. Will I have to pray out loud?

No. Again, you are allowed to move and grow at your own pace. If the time comes in your life that you feel you need to voice a prayer request, that will be well received. If the time comes you would like to lead in prayer, that is also well received.

6. Who else is going to be in the group?

Small Groups may be formed by the leader inviting friends, neighbors or acquaintances to a cookout or social. There they will announce and invite people to help start a Small Group. Small Groups are also formed at a GroupLink, which is an event on a LifePoint Campus for those interested in joining a group where they may meet and chat with several small group leaders. At GroupLink, you may agree to try a Small Group for six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, each person can choose to continue with the group or not. This allows you a definite time to try a Small Group but also have the assurance that there is an out. GroupLink is offered periodically throughout the year at LifePoint.

7. How much do I have to know about the Bible?

Nothing. Small Group is about learning the Bible, not debating it or being tested on it. Two times a year LifePoint conducts a Sermon and Small Group Series where Small Groups study the same material. During this time the sermons, worship songs, and daily devotionals are on the same subject and Scripture. This is where LifePoint attendees have experienced the most discipleship (growing to be more like Christ next year than this year) and the most understanding of Bible truths. Wanting to know more about the Bible is one reason you would want to be in a Small Group.

8. How many weeks or months is this group going to last?

Small Group is like family. Some of them continue for years, and others multiply and start new groups. 


9. If I don’t like it, can I leave without people being mad at me?

Yes, though most people build such community that they do not want to stop being part of the Small Group. However, if you need to discuss an issue or options for choosing a new group, please see our GroupLife staff at LifePoint Adults area any Sunday morning or email Eddie Mosley.

10. What are we going to be doing during the meetings?

Most meetings last a couple of hours. There is roughly an hour for social, fellowship, eating, snacking time -- building community. Then there is an hour of Bible Study where the group learns and discusses the material and Scripture that has been previously agreed upon. There is always time for prayer and sharing of life issues where others in your group can help you walk through life and not be alone.