What’s Your Next Step?

There’s room for all of us to grow in our relationship with God and we want to help you take the next step for growth. We have something for everyone to help grow closer to Christ. So…what’s your next step?




Member Class

Sept 16 | 10:30-12pm | Smyrna & Riverdale
Sept 16 | 9-10am | Stewarts Creek

If you're new to LifePoint, come to our membership class where you'll learn more about the mission and values of our church. You'll also have a chance to interact with our pastors, ask questions, and learn next steps for you and your family. Register for the Member Class.


Designed to Serve

Sept 23 | 10:30am-12pm | Smyrna

God did not design ministry for just a few with seminary degrees. At LifePoint, we believe that every member is a minister. Designed to Serve is an opportunity for you to learn how your gifts, passions, experiences and knowledge were providentially designed for you to bless others. Register for Designed to Serve.


Baptism Class (online only)

In this class, you will learn the when, what, where, why, and how's of baptism. Register for the Baptism Class.


Essential Beliefs 1

Sept 19 (7 weeks) | 6:30-8pm | Smyrna & Riverdale
Sept 9 (7 weeks) | 9-10:30am | Stewarts Creek

This is the first of three classes that assists those who feel unprepared to defend their beliefs in their workplace, who are new in their faith and don’t know much about Christianity, who have questions and doubts about Christianity, or for those who want to learn more about what it means to be a part of LifePoint. Register for Essential Beliefs.




Leadership Development

Surge School (Men)

Begins Sept 17 (9 Months) | Meets Weekly | Smyrna & Riverdale

Surge School is an intensive leadership development program LifePoint Church uses for deeper discipleship and training of our leaders. It’s comprised of individual study, weekly table meetings where participants discuss implications to their lives, and four intensives. Register for Surge School.




Christian Ethics 1

Begins Sept 19 (10 weeks) | 6:30-8pm | All Campuses

Learn about what the Bible says about divorce, alcohol, schooling choices, and much more. Register for Christian Ethics 1.


Premarital Class

October 14 (2 weeks) | 2-4pm | Smyrna

Helpful premarital education for soon-to-be-married couples so they can build their marriage on a strong foundation. Register for the Premarital Class.



Begins Sept 10 (4 weeks) | 6:30-8pm | Smyrna

Christians need to be prepared to respond intelligently and lovingly to the many misconceptions and challenges posed by non-believers of all kinds — atheists, skeptics, cultists, New Agers, honest spiritual seekers, and people of other religions. Childcare provided. Register for the Apologetics Class.


21 Scriptural Principles (Single Moms)

Begins Sept 19 (8 weeks) | 6:30-8pm | Smyrna  

This class offers hope and help for the single moms as they learn to apply specific, workable, successful guidelines to their life. Register for the Single Moms Class.


Monday Night Bible Study (Women)

Begins Sept 10 (4 weeks) | 6:30-8:30pm | Smyrna

Join Amy Hood for a study through the Bible that includes fantastic community and table discussion. Childcare provided. Register for the Monday Night, Smyrna Women’s Bible Study.


Parents with Young Kids

Begins Sept 19 | 6:30-8:30pm | Stewarts Creek

Class Led by: Brian and Tara Dembowczyk.
Parenting is hard. Come join a community of parents where you'll hear practical biblical teaching on raising kids and receive support through mentorship and friendship. Childcare provided.


Philippians (Women)

Begins Sept 12 (6 weeks) | 9:30-11:30am | Smyrna

Come to learn powerful Scripture with LifePoint Women’s Minister, Lisa Theriot, that will bring strength and sweet peace to your soul. Lisa will show you how to train your thoughts and think on what is true as we all press on toward the goal, which is the call of Christ. Register for the Smyrna Women’s Bible Study.


The Gospel of Mark: the Jesus we’re aching for (Women)

Begins Aug 20 (7 weeks) | 6:30-8:30pm | Riverdale

In this study, Lisa Harper shows how Mark partners the compassion of Jesus with the passion of Christ. It’s an action-packed presentation of who Jesus is in order to lead us to acknowledge Him, find salvation in Him, and follow Him. Childcare provided. Register for the Riverdale Women’s Bible Study.


Raised Together: A Study of Colossians (Women)

Sunday Class Begins Sept 9 (8 weeks) | 9–10am | Stewarts Creek
Monday Class Begins Sept 10 (8 weeks) | 6:30-8pm | Stewarts Creek

Gloria Furhman explores themes of foundational Christian doctrine through a verse-by-verse study of Colossians. Learn who Christ is, who you are in Him, and how to grow and mature in your faith. Childcare provided.


I’d Like You More if You Were More Like Me (Singles)

Begins Sept 9 (10 weeks) | 9-10:30am | Smyrna

When people have deep connections, says John Ortberg, they win in life. This study offers help in overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to making deep connections: the fact that we’re so different. Register for this Singles Class.




New Group Launch (Sermon Discussion)

Begins Sept 9 (6 weeks) | 5-6:30pm | Smyrna & Riverdale

Join us for a 6-week, group experience to discuss the sermon and meet new friends. All groups launch with a short teaching from a pastor. While there you will choose a day and life-stage that works best for you. Dessert and childcare are provided. Register for the New Group Launch.


Support Groups

Begins Week of Sept 10 | 6:30-8:30pm | Smyrna & Riverdale

We have support groups for the following:

  • Caregiving
  • Divorce
  • Grief / Loss
  • Relationship Issues
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Self-esteem and Worth (women)    
  • Teen Support Group (girls 14-18)

Register for a Support Group.



Begins Sept 7 | 9:30-11:30am | Smyrna

We welcome you, a mother of a preschooler (infant through kindergarten), to MOPS. During your time here you will find encouragement, support, relevant teaching, and opportunities to develop relationships with other women who are in your same season of life. Register for MOPS.



Begins Sept 9 | 5:30-6:30pm | Smyrna

Seniors gather on Sunday nights for a worship service with traditional music, sweet community, and a Biblical message. Register your attendance in Senior Adults.


Disciplines of a Godly Man (Men)

Begins Sept 9 | 9am in Room B8 | Stewarts Creek

You will learn biblical wisdom with engaging illustrations and practical suggestions for daily living. Kent Hughes offers hard-hitting discussion on major areas of Christian manhood: marriage, fatherhood, friendship, purity, integrity, leadership, prayer, ministry, and more. 


ABIDE (Women) 

Begins Sept 20 | 7:00-8:30pm | Smyrna

ABIDE is an opportunity for women in a busy season of life to connect with other women and grow in their relationship with God. It occurs on the third Thursday of the month with various speakers and topics. Register for ABIDE.


Parents with Young Kids

Begins Sept 9 | 5-6:30pm | Smyrna

Parenting is hard. Come join a community of parents where you’ll hear practical biblical teaching on raising kids and receive support through mentorship and friendship. Child care is provided. Register for the Parents with Young Kids Class.


Bible Character Study (Women) 

Begins Sept 9 | 9-10:15am | Smyrna

Come join a fantastic community of women who are studying their way through Bible characters like Ezra, Esther, and Nehemiah. Register for the Bible Character Study.


Sermon Discussion (Men)

Begins Sept 9 | 9-10:15am | Smyrna

Come connect with other men at LifePoint and dive deeper into the sermons. The time and location make it convenient for any man looking to connect quickly. Register for the Sermon Discussion Group.


Grupo en Español (Discusión del sermón)

Comienza el 9 de Septiembre (10 Semanas) | 9-10:15am | Smyrna

¡Hola! Te invitamos a un estudio bíblico con el nuevo ministerio Hispano los domingos a las 9:00 am en el Cafe1. Cada semana repasamos el sermón en español/inglés antes del 2do servicio. Registrar.


It is NOT necessary that you regularly attend the campus where the class or group is meeting.
All classes and groups are open to everyone.