Small Groups Leadership

Small group leadership is doing what you are doing right now within your small group or social circle. The only difference is that you now will be doing the same thing you have always been doing with some intentionality. In terms of the leadership aspect of small group ministry, you begin to become more concerned about the spiritual growth of those around you rather than simply be self-centered. 


Steps to becoming a small group leader:

  1. Pray for guidance concerning being a leader
  2. Fill out a Small Group Leader Application
  3. Participate in Leadership Camp


Christ Centered Journey

The best way to be immersed into a leadership role at LifePoint is to understand our philosophy on the Christ Centered Journey. Check out the Christ-centered Journey page and once you have a basic understanding of the Christ-centered Journey don’t forget to take the survey.


Objectives for Small Group

  • Fellowship during monthly parties and an open party once a quarter
  • Accountability to each other in order to grow in Christ
  • Belonging as everyone shares the load of Small Group
  • Care for each other as needed
Bible Study
  • Bible Study at least 2 times per month
  • Worship in personal "quiet time" and corporately at LifePoint


Group Leader Qualifications

  • Confess that Jesus Christ is your forgiver, leader, Lord and Savior and have been baptized.
  • Be an active member of LifePoint Church (not required for first six weeks of a Sermon & Small Group Series)
  • Regard the Bible as the God’s spoken authoritative guide in your life and faith.
  • Hold to the Vision and Core Values of LifePoint Church.
  • Agree to come into the LifePoint Groups Ministry leadership structure.


Small Group Leader Position Description

Lead a group of 4 to 12 adults in becoming Christ-centered
Major responsibilities:
  1. Share the load of small group
  2. Conduct group meetings
  3. Care for members of your group
  4. Complete group covenant to help build community
  5. Develop a co-leader