Labs are what we call classes, and they are the main environment to help train disciples to think and live biblically. Labs are broken down into four areas of focus, and are led by LifePoint Staff and selected Christian leaders in Gospel living.

4 Areas of Focus




Missional & Cultural Engagement


Theology labs are designed to help leaders expand their knowledge and heart’s affections towards God by studying His attributes, actions, and character. The purpose in offering theological studies are to widen your ability to love and worship the Lord through greater knowledge of who He is.

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These labs are designed to show what it looks like to lead the way Jesus did by offering a comprehensive look at what makes a strong and godly leader. After completing the Leadership labs, you will have a better grasp on how to lead both in ministry and your daily life.

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These labs are designed to give practical insight in how to fulfill the final command Christ gave us on earth: make disciples of all nations. Whether in your home, your neighborhood, or the other side of the world, these labs will develop your ability to disciple people everywhere.

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Missional & Cultural Engagement

These labs are designed to help leaders have a biblical perspective on some of the most prominent cultural issues of our day. In the cultural engagement labs you will learn how to lead like Christ in a world filled with tough and complicated issues such as beginning of life and ending of life issues, racial equality, and how to engage religiously diverse cultural.

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*All Labs meet at the LifePoint Church Smyrna Campus.