To participate in the Child Dedication Celebration, we ask that you register and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Homework

We would like for you and your spouse to listen to each message, talk about it together, and complete the homework worksheet.



Message 1 - Kyle Goen about being the spiritual leader in your home:

This video will help guide you on your journey to be a spiritual leader in your home, and teach you basic ways you can help guide your child into a life that revolves around Christ.

Message 2 - Rodney Wilson about marriage:

The most important relationship in your home is your marriage. Learn how your marriage affects your child’s emotional and spiritual well being. This message also has encouraging tips for single parents.

Message 3 - Cathy Ropp, Erin Walker, and Tammy Brooks about instilling values:

This message will prompt you to be intentional about what characteristics and values you instill in your children.


Step 2: Child Dedication Orientation

Attend an orientation meeting where we will discuss the homework assignment you completed in Step 1 as well as fellowship with other families participating in the Child Dedication process. We will discuss details about the Child Dedication Celebration and the Child Dedication Recognition service at the orientation meeting.

Campus options:
  • Sunday, April 23 at Smyrna Campus 9 am in FH7
  • Wednesday, April 26 at Stewarts Creek Campus 6:30 pm in the student lounge
  • Sunday, April 30 at Smyrna Campus 10:30 am in FH7
  • Sunday, April 30 at Murfreesboro Campus 9 am
  • Thursday, May 4th at Smyrna Campus 6:30 pm in Cafe 1
*Unless you are a single parent, it is important that both parents attend this orientation.

Step 3: Child Dedication Celebration

All Smyrna, Creek, and Boro participants will celebrate on May 13, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Smyrna Campus.

You will have a chance to share with family and friends what you learned through doing the homework and participating in the orientation, and they will have a chance to pray over and encourage you.

We will have light brunch refreshments, show a slideshow of all the children participating in Child Dedication, as well as give you the opportunity to have one family photo and one photo with the campus pastor taken.