Connect – Looking for a LifePoint Small Group?

CONNECT is a periodic event designed to help you take what can be a scary step into a group and make it more natural and relaxed. A group is the opportunity we all need to connect with others and continue to grow in God’s Truth. 



August 14, 2016

Smyrna Campus

August 14 at 6:00pm
in the HUB

Stewarts Creek Campus

August 14 at 12:15pm
in the Auditorium

Murfreesboro Campus

August 14 at 12:30pm
in the Cafeteria



  • You have the opportunity to choose from many groups or create your own. 
  • Typically, you will select three or four couples/individuals with whom to speak. 
  • After meeting those people, you can decide which one you would like to be a part of for Community, Care and foundational Biblical knowledge.
    We ask that you commit to this group for six weeks that will be in conjunction with a sermon series and entire church Bible Study. After the initial six weeks, if the group is a good fit, stay connected and grow in your faith together in community. If it is not the best fit, it is okay to step out and try the next Connect or let our GroupLife staff help connect you.

Please complete the form listed below if you are interested in finding a group at Connect. If you have any other questions about Connect or Small Groups email Brian Killen.