What to Expect

You will recognize us
by our sign.

We are an English and French community of faith. We use both languages in our gathering.

We begin each morning with coffee and water, and then after the service with fruit and pastries.

Relationships are important to us at LifePoint so we spend a good amount of time talking to each other.

LifePoint has men, women, children, singles and families meeting together. We have many Belgians represented at LifePoint and other nationalities also. 

David and Angie lead us each week singing songs in English and French.

After we finish singing together we offer a time especially for our younger children to learn on their own level.

After a time of singing Len leads us in studying the Bible passage in English and translation into French.

The Bible passages we read are always in English and French. We project all the words onto a screen for all to see. We also have Bibles in both languages.

After our time of study from the Bible we take time to discuss in smaller groups what we have studied. Everyone can discuss and give their opinions in the group.

We have youth and students who speak English and French with us each week.