Serving Opportunities

First Impressions (ushers, greeters, guest services)

Do you enjoy smiling and making people feel welcome? Would you like to know how to direct people to a seat or to a class where their children would fit?


Do you love to keep records? Or are you interested in proper grammar, spelling, etc.?

Production (video, audio, lighting, staging)

Does being "behind the scenes" intrigue you? Are you interested in making sets, videography, lighting, or sound?

World Cup Cafe & Crosswalk Bookstore

Do you handle money responsibly? Would you like to see that people get the products they have asked for?

WORSHIP (Music & drama)

You may already know if you're a musician or can sing with others. Would you be interested in auditioning to take a role on stage?

Small Group Leadership

Have you sensed a desire to lead (shepherd) people in a small group? Would you feel comfortable facilitating a discussion about the Bible or a sermon?

First Responders

Would you like to help people deal with an urgent crisis at church or enhance the security during times of ministry (classes, groups, and services at the church)?

Preschool Ministry (Infant Room, Teacher, Worship Team)

Do you love helping with babies and young children? Can you imagine yourself helping them learn or helping their leader work with children?

Kids Ministry (Small Group Leader, Kids' Club, Host)

Do you love working with children? Can you imagine yourself helping them learn or helping their leader work with children?

Student Ministry (Small Group Leader, Security, Events)

Does working with middle or high school age students fit your interest?

College Ministry

Do you relate well to college students? Can you picture yourself building relationships that will help a student while on campus?


Would you like to help people find Christ? Could you help them to take steps beyond salvation?

IT (Information Technology)

Is working with webpages somewhat easy for you? Or do you have experience in making networks hum?


God gives us gifts and abilities that can be used in very creative ways. What is your particular interest or experience in?